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John Horgan is a husband, a father, a former mill worker, a cancer survivor and the leader of BC’s New Democratic Party.

John has spent most of his life on southern Vancouver Island, and has been an MLA since 2005. John is the first to tell you that much of his success in life comes from the faith others had in him — a generous gift he’s committed to giving back to the people of BC.

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As leader of the opposition in the legislature, he has fought hard on issues that matter to people – making life more affordable, making housing more accessible, banning big money donations from politics, standing up against school cuts and closures, and advocating for better seniors’ care.

He is running for Premier in 2017.

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Announcing our three commitments for a better BC

In just 29 days, British Columbians will head to the polls and elect a new government. Between now and then, you’ll hear a lot from us about what a BC NDP government led by John Horgan would mean for you — starting with the new video we launched today...
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